Ocho Rios Carnival

The support we get from Ocho Rios has always been great. The people are warm and they love to party. We have great relationships with our patrons as well as service providers as we seek to give back to the community.

We have the largest promo family of any event and the family atmosphere augurs well for the vibe of the event. The structure of the event Is a road march and party. We divide the revellers into five bands Tainos, Maroons, Arawaks, Soca Junkies and Red Ants. These bands are well received and people clamour to be in them each year. The road March starts at 2 pm from the Clock at Main Street in Ocho Rios and we March around the town to the venue. Its one epic event with lots of fetting and vibes.

SocaSize February 28, 2018

Turtle River Park