Our History

Event Background

Ocho Rios Carnival was born out of All Island Carnival (also referred to as AIC) is an initiative of the Directors of Tri-Star Entertainment. This event was borne out of a realization of the growth potential that Jamaican Carnival has as well as a thirst for “new blood”, as it were, on the Carnival scene. As expressed during the first event launch, held at the Devonshire on January 19, 2011, this series seeks to took carnival to a level never experienced before in various parts of Jamaica. The inception of this cutting-edge event in 2011 was counted a success given the numbers that turned out to support the events and the feedback that has been received. In 2011, ten (10) events, including a series launch, were held throughout the island and the average attendance exceeded 3000 persons.

Who We Are

Tri-Star Media Group Limited, referred to as Tri-Star Entertainment, has been a registered Promotions and Events Company in Jamaica since 2009. The Directorship of Tri-Star Entertainment consists of Marvin Lawrence and Julius Morgan. Both Directors are respected promoters in the Jamaican entertainment industry and have over twenty years of combined experience. They also have over thirty years combined experience in the corporate world and in management. They are keenly aware of the concerns threatening the global economy and how they impact Jamaica, in the general economy as well as industry-wise. Both are competent in key areas of management such as Finance, Public Relations and Marketing, while having their individual strengths. The Directors are supported by a team of persons whom also have had years of experience in various aspects of event planning and promotions.

Our Mission

Tri-Star Entertainment seeks to promote innovative thinking with respects to entertainment so as to provide quality, cost-effective options for Jamaicans and supporters of Jamaican culture.

We understand that entertainment is a major aspect of our culture and we support this. We especially seek to promote local talent and help others attain the skills they need to become upwardly mobile. Both Directors of Tri-Star Entertainment have, over the years, taken several persons under their tutelage and helped them to learn various skills in promotions, marketing and event planning. We also believe in other forms of philanthropy such as donating to worthy causes, where possible. Given the critical times in which we live, the Directors of Tri-Star continue to emphasize responsible behaviour and incorporate that into the plan for each event.


All Island Carnival Overview

All Island Carnival featured performances by new and popular deejays and performing artistes. The mixture of local and international artistes included Allison Hinds, Lil Rick, Skinny Fabulous, Oscar B, Denise Belfon, Patrice Roberts, Benjai, JW Blaze and Beenie Man. All Island Carnival was also privileged to welcome Machel Montano in his first performance in Jamaica after a three year hiatus.

We also featured a myriad of local Dancehall Acts to include; Elephant Man, Tanto blacks, I-Octane, and Aidonia to name a few.

The series, consisting of nine (9) parties and a launch event, graced nine major towns across the island. The level of anticipation stirred up and the post-event feedback, visible on social networking sites as well as in the media, were both thrilling and humbling. The estimated average attendance exceeded 3000 patrons and the average cost to attend was $700.